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Abstract: Recent Observations of an Equatorial Coronal Hole

SUMER observations have provided new insight into the source region of the solar wind, and its relations to the chromospheric magnetic network. Specifically, velocity maps in Ne VIII, formed at the base of the corona, show a relationship between outflow velocity and the underlying network structure (see Hassler et al., Science, 1999).

I present a new observing campaign that Dr. Hassler has organized and performed in 1999, involving observations from SOHO (SUMER, EIT, MDI, CDS), TRACE and Kitt Peak. Extensive, coordinated observations were made of an equatorial coronal hole which rotated from the East limb to the MDI high resolution field-of-view at central meridian. Complete coronal hole scans, series of shorter scans and time series with 1min cadence were made. Intensity, line-of-sight velocity, and line width maps were produced for emission lines produced at different heights in the solar atmosphere.

Correlations between the data will be calculated, showing evidence of a relationship between the outflow velocity of Ne VIII or downflow velocity of C IV, and the chromospheric network boundaries. These velocities will be compared to the velocities observed in polar coronal holes. Furthermore, oscillations will be seen in the transition region.


Pour l'instant, seules les cartes du Soleil que j'ai produites sont disponibles en ligne, car le rapport contient des données non publiées. S'il vous intéresse malgré tout, envoyez-moi un e-mail. J'ai été accueilli pendant six mois par Dr. Donald M. Hassler, au Department of Space Studies, Southwest Research Institute, Boulder, Colorado.

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